Auto Carpet

Replacing your automotive carpet

Whether you're looking to replace a damaged vehicle carpet, add that personal touch to your hot rod or get rid of a lingering smell from an old spill, replacement auto carpet is a great solution. While installing your own automotive carpet may sound like a daunting task, it's not that difficult and is surprisingly affordable if you do it yourself.

Auto carpet systems are available for most car makes and models from the '90s onward. They're molded to fit the contours of your particular vehicle, making it much easier than trying to install and smooth out flat interior carpeting. Aftermarket auto carpet may actually be superior to your car's original carpeting, and often comes with padding to insulate against heat and road noise.

Installing Your Auto Carpet

While an auto carpet kit is custom molded to fit your vehicle, you can't just drop it in. They are deliberately oversized to allow you to trim them exactly to fit, while allowing for some margin of error. You'll need to remove the old carpeting and any remaining padding (be careful to not remove any body insulation from the floor in the process) and clean away any dirt or debris.

When ordering your car or truck carpet, it's a good idea to also order matching floor mats at the same time. This all but guarantees matching floor mats since they're usually cut from the same carpet roll at the time of the order. This is especially important if you're already paying extra for an auto custom carpet – it wouldn't make sense to wait and then go the cheaper route with floor mats that don't match. Once your order is delivered, make sure to unpack your carpet as soon as it arrives. Allow anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for the carpet to return to its molded shape before you install it.

Auto Carpet Tips

Some other tips to ensure that you get a good, snug fit with your automotive carpet include:

  • Cutting your carpet as you lay it into your vehicle, not by following the contours of your old carpet.
  • Making "x"-shaped incisions anywhere you need to make a small hole for fitting bolts.
  • Using spray adhesive to hold down any pieces that lift off the floor.

It may take a little more time and effort to install your own auto carpet, but you'll be amazed by how much better your car will look, and your wallet will thank you as well.

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