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A handful of major manufacturers

As is the case in many industries, the home and commercial carpeting business is dominated by several major manufacturers who own the most-recognized brands. These major manufacturers include Mohawk, Shaw, Beaulieu and Saxony. This short list encompasses virtually all of the well-known national brands, including WundaWeve, Aladdin, Galaxy, Queen Carpets, Waverly, Laura Ashley, Wiltonian Collection and more.

When choosing a carpet based on brand, it's very important not to get hung up on the manufacturer's name. Although some are larger or more prestigious than others, each major manufacturer makes a variety of carpets based on different customer needs and budgets. If you need a carpet that will last a long time between cleanings without looking dirty, then you'll be interested in something that isn't as velvety or luxurious in texture and appearance.

Similarly, budget constraints will have a significant effect on your choices. But since most manufacturers offer low-cost options as well as luxury and designer carpets, budget limitations alone won't dictate your selection of manufacturers or brands. Furthermore, the wide availability of discount and wholesale carpets can save you money without sacrificing beauty or quality. Discontinued, remnant and left-over carpets can be top-of-the-line quality-wise, but carry a much lower price tag that enables you get the best carpets at the lowest prices.

Many carpet manufacturers and brands have been around for decades, and some for well over a century, like Mohawk. Established in 1878, Mohawk is now the single largest North American manufacturer of floor coverings. Saxony has also been around a long time. Since 1948, the company has been making carpets of various designs from both natural and synthetic materials. Beaulieu is a relative newcomer compared to the other top manufacturers, only producing rugs and carpets for just over 20 years. But in that brief interval of time, Beaulieu has risen to become the third-largest floor-coverings producer in the world and is tops in Canada.

With so many different carpet brands to choose from, the carpet options available to homeowners are almost limitless, thus ensuring every homeowner will be able to find a floor covering to suit their home, family, personal style and needs.

See our other pages for more information on carpet maintenance, carpet installation and the respective benefits of several carpet options. If you still have questions after you've looked through all the choices, you can always contact us to learn more.

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