Carpet Cleaners


Your home may look spotless at first glance – even your carpets and floors might look pretty good – but you would be surprised at what might be below the surface. Your household vacuum and mop simply aren't capable of getting into the deep down dirt and soil. Sure, they may do a great job at making your home sparkle, but to get your carpets and other floors really clean, you may need to think about using one of the many types of carpet cleaners.

Popular Types of Carpet Cleaners

There are many carpet cleaners available for your home. Here are a few of the most highly rated ones:

  • Hoover carpet cleaners. There are many different types of Hoover carpet cleaners. Search the Internet for ratings websites and you will find that most Hoover carpet steam cleaners get rather high ratings. Hoover has been making vacuums and carpet cleaners for many years, so consumers can trust that their carpet steam cleaners are of high quality.
  • Bissell carpet cleaners. Like Hoover, Bissell has been making quality products for many years. Their line of carpet steam cleaners and carpet sweepers is no exception. Bissell carpet cleaners are generally highly rated on consumer opinion websites and are typically very affordable.
  • Other home steam carpet cleaners. There are other brands of home steam carpet cleaners that haven't been around as long as Hoover or Bissell. Some of these brands are quite inexpensive and have been rated as very good by users on consumer opinion websites. You may want to try another brand of home steam carpet cleaner if you find a bargain.

Other Options

You don't have to purchase a carpet cleaner. Many people prefer not to for a variety of reasons – perhaps they don't have the room to store it, or maybe they would prefer not to deep-clean their carpets themselves. Here are some other options:

  • Professional carpet cleaners. You can choose to hire someone to come into your home and clean your carpets and other floors. There are many businesses that will do this for you – Stanley Steamer Carpet Cleaners is one that is well known and widely respected. When choosing professional carpet cleaners, make sure to get a price quote before they begin and approve any additional services before they are done. Otherwise, the bill could climb rather high.
  • Rent a carpet cleaner. If you want to use a carpet cleaner but lack the storage space for one, simply rent one from a local store.
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