Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles provide excellent value for consumers who want to spruce up unusual areas or rooms that are subject to extremely high traffic or the likelihood of spills. They are are easily installed with adhesive or double-sided tape and can be replaced or rotated to extend the life of the carpet in high-traffic areas. You can pick up good quality carpet tiles for around $1 a square foot.

Carpet tiles usually come in 18" squares and are typically made of tough nylon loop pile that resists unravelling. They don't require underpadding, and many premium brands have a padded underside to cushion your new floor.

Carpet tiles are used frequently in indoor/outdoor situations such as porches, decks and garages. But they are also a great alternative to single-roll broadloom in home offices, rec rooms and even kids' bedrooms.

Perhaps the greatest advantage to carpet tiles is their ease of installation. Carpet tiles make a great do-it-yourself project, requiring only a good knife and straight edge to do the job.

Remember to check the arrow on the back of the tile before installing it - it allows you to line up the pile on neighboring tiles, to create a finished floor that looks just like broadloom!

There is also the Legato system of carpet tiles to consider. A Legato carpet works in much the same way as regular carpet tiles, only the edges are cut at an angle on two opposing sides, with the other two remaining straight. Legato carpet doesn't use any glue or padding; it has specially designed traction to hold it in place.

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