Commercial Carpet

Commercial carpet is all around us, yet most people barely notice it. Used in office buildings, schools, hotels, stores and hospitals, commercial market accounts for nearly 50% of all the carpeting sold each year.

Although there are many similarities between home and commercial carpeting, there are some important factors that buyers look for when outfitting an office or other public space.

The most important consideration in commercial carpeting is durability - these carpets typically face many times the daily wear that residential carpets do.

As a result, most commercial carpets are made from tough nylon, polypropylene or olefin fibers. Although there are numerous varieties available, most commercial carpet in public buildings comes with a tightly twisted cut or loop pile to improve its durability.

Commercial carpet buyers also keep an eye out for other features that a homeowner might not think of: static control, acoustic effect and flammability, for instance. As well, commercial carpets are renowned for their ability to mask soil - often a result of the sculptured texture of many commercial carpets.

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