Dalton Carpet

Situated in the hills of northern Georgia, Dalton is the undisputed carpet capital of the world. In fact, for many consumers, Dalton is synonymous with the word "carpet" itself.

For decades, many consumers have made a regular pilgrimage to Dalton to browse through the innumerable carpet outlets, tour its textile mills or simply marvel at the incredible variety of textile products either manufactured or sold in the area.

A little over a century ago, Dalton's economic fortunes changed forever when local crafters developed the first hand-tufted cotton bedspreads. A wildly popular industry was born almost overnight, and Dalton soon became the center of the tufted textile world.

By the 1950s, the town's reputation for producing bedspreads had given way to the massive and rapidly growing carpet industry. With the introduction of new synthetic fibers and mechanized production, carpet mills sprang up throughout the area.

Today, Dalton is headquarters to some of the world's leading carpet makers. In fact, the community now claims to produced 70% of all the carpet manufactured in the world each year.

Whether you know it or not, you've probably got some Dalton carpet in your own home.

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