Meditation Cushions

Floor mats can be used as fashionable floor coverings in your home and are great for finding your spiritual balance through meditation. Their simple elegance and versatility have made them increasingly popular. Meditation cushions of Asian origin are also a unique addition to home decor.

Some types of floor mats and meditation cushions include:

  • Tatami and Goza mats from Japan provide a natural and elegant feel. Tatami and goza mats can be made of straw, rush, and bamboo and some come with coloured borders. They are simple in design and are multi-functional. You can place them in entrance ways or by your favorite meditation spot or even bring them to the beach.
  • Meditation cushions are unique, practical and stylish. A Zafu pillow and Zabuton mat of Japanese origin are elegant, comfortable and becoming ever more popular additions to North American homes. The larger cushion which resembles a square floor pillow (Zabuton mat) sits underneath a smaller round one (Zafu pillow).
  • Yoga and Pilates mats are also extremely popular for all who aim to seek physical and spiritual balance.

Floor mats can be slippery so it is best to investigate their ability to grip. You will also want to look at the size, color and production material to ensure that it suits your dcor and needs. Depending on what you will use the floor mat for, it is best to assess whether it is durable, comfortable, and easy to maintain. The price for a Totami mat can start at around $30.

Mediation cushions may be machine washable while others require dry cleaning. To assist in cleaning and in allowing versatility in your dcor, the practicality and flexibility of having removable covers is a great benefit. A Zabuton mat can cost upwards of $40 while a zafu pillow can start at around $35. Purchasing them as a set is also an option to ensure matching fabric and color.

We hope that after you click on some of the featured websites above, you will find the perfect floor mats and meditation cushions that will allow you and your home to transcend to a new level of serenity!

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