Indoor Outdoor Carpet

Carpeting solutions for inside and out

Many people think of Astro Turf when it comes to indoor outdoor carpet. But if you're thinking of adding some carpeting to the damp areas inside or around your home, there are many other options besides the artificial grass look.

Typical indoor outdoor fabric materials consist of rubber, plastic or synthetic fibers which are made to withstand the elements. They are both stain- and fade-resistant, so they will still look great years later. This style of carpet is great for use on a porch, in a sun room, mudroom or even in the children's play room. While the most popular colors in these carpets tend to blend in with outdoor environments, there are many other choices available.

Indoor outdoor carpeting may be durable, but it tends to be less comfortable; it's just not as soft as grass or indoor carpeting. Indoor outdoor carpet is great alternative to otherwise slippery surfaces like basement floors or pool decks. It needs to be glued in place to a clean, solid and smooth surface so that the carpeting doesn't shift or rumple up. You can't use indoor outdoor carpet on dirt floors.

Types of Indoor Outdoor Carpet

Marine carpet is a specialized type of boat carpet. As the name indicates, this carpet is best suited to handle moisture. Marine backing is often used for indoor carpeting in damp areas of the home, like a basement or garage. It looks like a regular Berber carpet but has a rubber backing that repels water from carpet fibers.

For smaller areas, you can explore the option of indoor outdoor rugs or even indoor outdoor carpet tile. These versions often come with a rubber backing that can be glued or taped directly to the ground or just laid loosely. The rubber backing repels water and at the same time grips the surface so that it's less likely to slip. There are different colors available, ranging from blue and grey to green and red.

If you are looking for the grass carpet look, you'll be happy to know that today's grass-styled indoor outdoor carpets are of a higher grade and look more natural than their predecessors. They offer more shades of green and use different materials to resemble real grass. However, if you're going for the '70s look, you can still find economy-grade grass carpet.

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