Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are an ancient craft that combines unique design, vibrant colors and plush fabrics to bring warmth and pizzazz to any space.

Historically, oriental rugs have been produced in Central Asian countries such as Turkey, Persia, Pakistan, Nepal, India, Afghanistan, China, the Caucasus and Turkestan. The term 'Oriental' encompass specific types of rug classifications including: Persian, Turkish (or Anatolian), Caucasian and Central Asian.

Here are a few things to consider when purchasing an oriental rug:

  • Machine or hand-woven.
  • Natural or synthetic dyes. Natural dye is normally extracted from vegetables while artificial dyes such as aniline and chrome are also used.
  • Density, measured in knots per square inch. This can range from 40-1,000 and normally costs more the higher the knot count. A very high knot count is mostly reserved for museum collections.
  • Different types of cleaning and maintenance required to preserve the rug and whether an underlay is recommended.
  • Natural or synthetic fibers. Hand-tufted rugs are often made of natural fibers while machine made rugs can be made of either natural or man-made products.

Some believe that using natural fibers such as wool (most common in oriental rugs), silk and goat or camel hair provide many advantages. Wool as an example is often praised for its durability and its ability to maintain the rug's strength and beauty.

Some common synthetic fibers used to produce rugs include olefin (polypropylene), nylon, polyester, acrylic and cotton and some rugs use a blend these fibers. Synthetic rugs are often more affordable than rugs made of natural thread and some find the higher levels of stain resistance in synthetic rugs an added benefit.

A synthetic machine-made rug (5'3"x7'9") with oriental designs can start at around $100. Prices go up depending on which fibers are used, how the rug was made, and the size and originality of the rug.

Oriental rugs not only bring warmth, elegance and excitement to a space, they also absorb noise. Whether you are looking for a hand-made rug with an intricate floral design or a symmetrical rug with a contemporary motif, just click above to see if you can find the perfect rug that best fits your home.

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