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Carpet and floor covering accessories

In addition to luxurious wall-to-wall carpeting or handcrafted rugs, you may need a few other items to make the frequently used rooms in your home as comfortable and beautiful as they can be.

Floor pillows can range in size from 20-square-inch pillows to six-foot bean-bag chairs, though the term typically applies to the pillows. Most often they're used as footrests or for a colorful visual accent in a sparsely decorated room.

Floor pillows are a relatively inexpensive way to add a splash of color to any room and can be swapped out for different styles, colors and textures in an instant. Changing your floor pillows several times a year can change a room as much as changing the carpet can, but for way less money.

An alternate way to add some visual pizzazz to your room without taking up a lot of space is through the use of floor mats or meditation cushions. If you practice Pilates, yoga or other methods of maintaining physical and mental fitness, you may find a mediation cushion or floor mat to be a particularly effective and practical item to brighten up a room - it will serve double duty as a decoration and exercise prop. Whether you choose a simple grass or straw mat, a rush tatami, a goza mat or one of the more elaborate Zafu or Zabuton meditation cushions, they will provide interesting decorations in your room and offer a comfortable place to unwind and refocus yourself.

Floor mats that designate a child's play area may also be beneficial in a family home. These colorful mats are made of lightweight foam and interlocking pieces create personal and playful mats for children of all ages and can teach kids where their play area ends and the family's living space begins.

There are also covers available for floor pillows, which makes cleaning a much easier task. Covers can mask the color or texture of the pillow, which is an excellent option if you're a bargain hunter who winds up with several different kinds of cushions, but would like to maintain a consistent visual appeal within the room. Since pillow or mat covers can be much less expensive than the items themselves, they're a good alternative to buying the full sets at premium prices.

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