Rug Padding

Tired of feeling your new area rug slip under your feet every time to step on it, or watching it pile up when kids or pets race across it?

A rug pad is a relatively inexpensive way to add years to the life of your new rug, and eliminate the aggravation of constantly having to rearrange your rugs!

Rug padding holds the rug firmly in place and provides a cushioning effect that absorbs traffic and reduces the wear on the rug surface. High-quality padding is also usually hypoallergenic and inhibits mold and mildew on the rug's backing.

Most rug padding is made of latex rubber and provides a non-skid contact with hard floors. Rubber padding isn't necessary if you're placing your new area rug on a carpeted surface, but there are many other styles of padding available to protect both the carpet underneath and the rug itself.

When shopping for rug padding, purchase a size that's about 2" shorter than your rug. Many retailers will cut padding to your size. You will want a padding of at least 1/8" thickness, though more expensive rugs will benefit from the added absorption of 1/4" padding.

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