Runner Carpet

Using and installing it

If you have hardwood floors and stairs, chances are you know how difficult it is to keep those floors clean and scratch-free. Hardwood floors often require a great deal of maintenance in order to keep them looking beautiful – especially if you have children or pets running around the house. You probably already have area rugs covering some of your hardwood floors as a protective measure, but what can you do about your hallways and stairs? You can try getting runner carpets.

What Is a Runner Carpet?

A runner carpet – also called a carpet runner – is basically an area rug for your hallway. These rugs are long and narrow and are typically available in varying lengths to accommodate different lengths of hallways. Runner carpets can also be used in narrow kitchens and entryways or other areas of the home where floor space is long and narrow.

Stair Carpet Runners

Protecting your hardwood stairs can also be done with a regular carpet runner, but it is rather difficult for a layperson to install. The alternative: hire a professional to install a stair runner carpet for you. This is best for a few reasons. Professionals have the experience necessary to lay your stair runner carpet without difficulty, and they will make your stairs look good, especially if you use the same carpet material on the runner as you did for, say, a wall-to-wall carpet. A professional will use the proper carpet binding on that material, to keep it looking good and stop it from fraying. Additionally – and most importantly – professionals can install stair carpet runners safely. A poorly installed runner by an amateur may have safety hazards – people may trip on some overhanging carpet or on carpet nails, for example.

Stair carpet runners are also great for basement stairs, as the carpet will add some insulation. It is not advisable, though, to add a runner carpet on top of carpeted stairs, especially if there are elderly people or toddlers in the home. A runner carpet atop carpeted stairs can be a safety hazard, causing people to trip.

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