Shag Rugs

A popular choice

If you are decorating your family room or den and you need an area rug, you could probably go with any type of rug that matches your decor. Then again, it's likely you'll want something comfortable, as the family room or den is where your family will be hanging out most of the time. You certainly want a rug that will be durable and easy to keep clean. Sounds like you need to think about looking at some shag rugs.

Why Shag Rugs?

Perhaps the thought of shag rugs brings to mind images of the 1970s. However, shag rugs aren't just retro –they come in many different styles, shapes and fabrics. Plus, you can get shag area rugs to fit whatever space you need.

Shag Rug Options

Unlike in the '70s, shag rugs these days are available in several different varieties:

  • You can purchase the traditionally made deep-pile shag rugs.
  • You can purchase shag rugs that are made with lower piles for a sleeker look.
  • You can purchase shag rugs in either pile type that incorporate silky fibers in order to appear more elegant.

There are also more options these days as far as materials for shag rugs go. You can opt for shag wool rugs or you can get a lot of style out of your shag area rugs by purchasing leather shag rugs.

Shag rugs are available in any shape and size imaginable, such as round shag rugs that will sit nicely under a coffee table. You can also find square or rectangular shag rugs as well as abstract-shaped shag rugs, any of which could look good a den or family room.

The ultimate reason you should choose shag rugs is the price. Cheap shag rugs can be found in many stores and websites. And, because you can find shag rugs in any color – including black shag rugs – you are certain to be able to match your decor at a wallet-friendly price.

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