Sisal Carpet

Sisal carpeting is one of the hottest trends in the flooring industry - an environmentally friendly, all-natural fiber that has an exotic, handcrafted look.

Sisal is made from the rope-like fibers of the agave cactus, which are spun into smooth but extremely durable yarn used to make carpet. Sisal is naturally flame-retardant and anti-static, and has excellent sound-absorption qualities.

Most sisal is grown in Kenya, Tanzania or Brazil, and is often dyed and spun into carpet in Europe using sophisticated power looms. Most sisal carpets have a latex back attached.

With advances in color-dyeing and weaving technologies, sisal carpets are now available in a wide variety of textures and patterns. Typically, sisal adds an earthy, casual look to a room and is a great design accent.

Sisal carpets also help you maintain a low-dust, allergy-free environment in home.

Sisal carpets are generally less expensive than manufactured broadloom. Although sisal is a an extremely hard-wearing fiber that will last for many year, most sisal carpets don't come with the same long-life warranty protection that can be found with high-end carpets.

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