Stainmaster Carpet

Stop stains with DuPont Stainmaster

Once upon a time, choices in carpeting were limited to darker colors to help camouflage the discoloration and stains that eventually appear on carpets in spite of frequent cleaning. Luckily, innovations in carpeting protection technology have paved the way for today's wide array of neutral, pastel and white carpeting options.

While DuPont Stainmaster isn't a carpet brand by definition, the Stainmaster name is one of the most valued and respected names in the carpet industry. Introduced in 1986, DuPont addressed the stain-prone properties of carpet and upholstery by looking closely at the chemical properties of carpet fibers. Most other carpet protection came in the form of Teflon or Scotchgard, which coats the fibers to resist soiling – but doesn't stand up against other forms of carpet staining like spills from juices, wine and food.

The people at DuPont figured out that to really prevent stains from setting in to carpets, they'd need to close up holes in the carpet fibers called dye sites. The dye sites let in stains, so DuPont developed a clear colorless dye to fill in the dye sites, essentially creating an effective barrier against staining. Because the solution is a dye and integral to the fiber of the carpet, it is far more effective than Scotchgard or Teflon coatings which can wear away over time. The bottom line is, Stainmaster carpeting has a proven track record of performing better against normal wear and tear and nasty stains than other carpeting solutions.

DuPont Stainmaster Carpet Prices

DuPont Stainmaster carpets are made with Type 6 nylon fiber, which is the strongest fiber available. Typical DuPont Stainmaster carpeting prices can come in a little higher than other carpet prices, because of the Stainmaster protectants (the proprietary clear dye) which are so effective at repelling soil and protecting the life of the carpet. But rest assured that it's well worth the extra money when your carpet lasts for years without staining or showing high traffic spots.

It's important to understand that Stainmaster by DuPont is not a carpet brand; DuPont sells the fiber and the patented chemical treatment to other carpet manufacturers like Mohawk and Shaw. The best way to find Stainmaster carpets, area rugs or upholstery is to simply look for the DuPont logo on the carpet, or ask your carpeting salesperson to identify the Stainmaster carpets in their showroom.

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