Stair Carpet

Beautify your stairs with a carpet runner

Adding carpet to your stairs not only looks more attractive, but also makes your stairs safer by reducing the chances of slipping. One option to consider is the stair runner carpet. It helps to absorb sound and is available in a wide variety of styles and colors, to match any interior design.

Stair Carpet Types

Installing stair carpet takes some time to do correctly. It's recommended that you measure the depth and height of each stair and cut the carpet to fit. You need to use tackless strips to secure the carpet to each step. Another way to do this is to use carpet stair rods. These were more common during the Victorian era and the early 1900s, and they were known as the "jewelry of the stairs," since they hold the carpet runner in place while adding a sophisticated accent.

While you may be tempted to buy a cheap carpet stair runner and only attach it to the top and bottom stair, you should think again. Not only can the stair runner bunch up and cause a tripping or slipping hazard if it's installed this way, a poor quality runner will not last nearly as long. Since the stairs are a source of heavy traffic in most homes, cheap quality carpet runners will wear out quickly and require frequent replacing.

Stair Carpet Tiles

A new and less work-intensive method for placing carpeting on stairs is to use stair carpet tiles. You can buy them in sets of 3 to 15, and they come pre-cut with an adhesive packing that you can apply to your stairs in seconds. Not only are they cheaper and easier to install, they're also easy to replace if one or two become stained or damaged. Just make sure that you're buying actual stair carpet tile and not regular carpet tile. Regular carpet tile will be larger and may have a rubber rather than adhesive backing; they're not made specifically for the stairs, so using them could result in trips or falls.

Stair Carpet Treads

Carpet stair treads are another option for adding some friction and noise dampening to hardwood stairs. Like stair carpet tiles, they come pre-cut and with their own adhesive. However, stair treads are more about function than style. You may have a harder time finding a type of carpet stair tread to match your decor. They are often recommended for use on less visible stairs, such as in basements or cellars.

In the past, cleaning stair carpet meant removing them completely. However, now all you need to do to keep your stair carpet looking great is to vacuum it regularly and to be vigilant in your carpet stain removal, quickly blotting away any spills or messes before they have a chance to set.

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