Throw Rugs

Match your decor

One of the best ways to bring color to your home and cohesiveness to your decor is through the use of throw rugs. Throw rugs can complete a room's look by adding a pop of color, or they can be purchased to blend with a room's design if chosen in a coordinating style and color. Because throw rugs can be used in any room of the home (yes, even the bathroom), they can help to bring together a sense of the entire home's style.

Sounds like a big job for some little rugs, doesn't it? Well, throw rugs can complete the job – if they are well chosen. Select the right throw rugs for a room and those little rugs will become strong design elements.

Choosing Throw Rugs

It's likely that many people don't typically give a lot of thought to the matter of choosing throw rugs, but it's important to keep a few factors in mind. Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself before choosing any throw rug:

  • What room do I need a throw rug for? You may need a kitchen throw rug or a living room throw rug – the two would be very different.
  • What is the purpose of that room? This will help you determine the material of the throw rugs at which you should look. Kitchen throw rugs need to be more durable than, say, a spare bedroom throw rug. For a den with a fireplace, you could look at wool throw rugs, and for a child's bedroom you would want to look at cotton throw rugs. For younger children, consider looking at nursery rugs.
  • What is the style of that room? If your kitchen is done in a country garden theme, you aren't going to want to look at contemporary throw rugs for it – no matter what type of bargain you may find. You need to look at throw rugs that follow the style of the room.
  • What colors would complement the room? Think about the colors that are already present in the room, but also think about what other colors could be used. Remember, throw rugs can add an element of style, but you don't want clashing styles. If you were to get a zebra rug, for example, you might not want the rest of the room to be busy with colors.

Discount throw rugs are widely available in many stores and online outlets. However, it is wise to start with the above questions when searching for a throw rug – don't start with price. Starting with price means you may end up buying discount throw rugs that don't fit well with your decor.

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