Wholesale Carpet

Buying a wholesale carpet is a fabulous way to save money, provided you know what you're doing! These days, the line between retail and wholesale carpet distributors has blurred and it's often difficult to tell if you're getting all the value that the word "wholesale" suggests.

Wholesale carpet refers to those products bought directly from carpet mills, usually in large quantities, and then sold to the public through warehouse-like outlets. If you've ever visited Dalton, Georgia - home of many of the world's leading carpet mills - you'll know what true "wholesale" carpet is, since the city is packed with wholesale outlets offering incredible deals.

Wholesale carpet outlet offer no department store frills or don't have prestigious retail locations, but smart consumers can save 50% and sometimes more on the list price of carpeting. Many warehouse outlets can arrange immediate delivery and installation through subcontractors.

If you're thinking about buying wholesale carpet, it's very important to inspect your carpet carefully for defects and to determine in advance if it's a first-quality product or "seconds." If the price is too low to believe, you're probably being sold an off-batch. (Why do you think wholesalers get such great prices!?)

Finally, ask the wholesaler if the store offers a warranty or return policy above-and-beyond the warranty that comes from the manufacturer.

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